Advance MS Excel DVD Tutorial

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1. Excel Structure 2. Cell Properties 3. Autofill in Excel 4. Equation in Excel 5. Text Functions & Text to Column 6. Text to Column 7. Printing in Excel – Page Layout 8. Protection in Excel and Security 9. Give protection to File 10. Hide Formulas, Specific range protection 11. Share Workbook 12. Logical Serve as – IF, AND & OR 13. More Advance IF Serve as 14. AND & OR Serve as 15. Nesting Logical Serve as with Text Serve as 16. More AND & OR Example 17. MATH Serve as – SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF and More 18. SUMIF, COUNTIF & AVERAGEIF 19. SUMIFS, COUNTIFS & AVERAGEIFS 20. Wild Card in Match Serve as 21. Data Validation 22. Discover ways to set Criteria in Data Validation 23. Data Validation – Input Message & Error Alert 24. Pivot Table 25. Create Pivot Table 26. Managing Field List, Field Area, Buttons and Headers 27. Managing Worth Field settings 28. Slicer in Pivot Table 29. Managing Date in Pivot Table 30. Creating Calculated Field in Pivot Table 31. CHART in Excel 32. Creating Chart – Layout and Format Option 33. Design Chart, Create Secondary Axis, Format Axis and Change Series Chart Sort 34. Chart – Customize options 35. LOOKUP and REFERENCE Serve as 36. VLOOKUP Serve as 37. VLOOKUP with TRUE match Sort 38. HLOOKUP Serve as 39. MATCH Serve as 40. INDEX Serve as – Nesting with MATCH Serve as 41. VLOOKUP Array 42. VLOOKUP – Trick to get all Column data 43. VLOOKUP – Trick to get all Column data when Sequence no longer matching 44. Conditional Formatting 45. Setting Rule and Transparent Rule in Conditional Formatting 46. Setting Best and Bottom Rules, Data Bars, Color Scale & Icon Sets 47. Managing Conditional Formatting Rules 48. Make your personal Customization Rule 49. Setting Formula based totally Conditional Formatting Rules 50. What if Analysis 51. PMT Serve as to create EMI Calculator 52. DATA TABLE 53. GOAL SEEK 54. Scenario Manager 55. RECORD MACRO

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