Learn TALLY ERP 9 (Inception Success Series – CD)

High quality easy to understand audio-video content.
Designed by experts in computer applications.
Starts from scratch, building upwards

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Tally is powerful accounting software, which is driven by a technology referred to as concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine. It is easy to use software and is designed to simply complex day to day activities associated in an enterprise. Tally provides comprehensive solution around accounting principles, inventory and data integrity. Tally also has feature encompassing global business. Tally software comes with easy to use interface thus making it operationally simple. Tally accounting software provides a solution around inventory management, stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounting, stock valuation methodology, and so forth. The TALLY ERP 9 course by INCEPTION INDIA accommodates audio-video tutorials with the intention to start your journey from the very basics to the advanced level concepts in a very smooth manner so to make it easy so that you can learn and digest the concepts at the side of developing the feel of the software. The contents of the course are : 1-how-to-install-and-start 2-creating-company 3-altering-details-of-company 4-creating-groups 5-ledger-creation 6-ledger-for-bank-account 7-more than one-ledgers 8-godown 9-unit-of-measure-creation 10-inventory-stock-groups 11-stock-iteam-creation 12-stock-summary 13-reciept-voucher 14-purchase-voucher 15-trial-balance 16-sales-tax 17-sales-tax-definitions-2 18-vat-calulation 19-vat-implementation-1 20-vat-ledger-creation 21-vat-purchase-voucher 22-voucher-numbering 23-cost-center 24-creating-cost center 25-cost-center-reports
Top of the range easy to be aware audio-video content.
Designed by experts in computer applications.
Starts from scratch, building upwards
Learn at your own pace and at you own time.
Excellent facility to attend any lecture any number of times.

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