Product Upgrade support and Charges

Charges on Alternative Software, Dedicated Support and Advance Upgrade of products.


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Support charges are simple and straight-forward.  You’ll always speak to me, so you don’t have to keep explaining the background to different people.  My mobile number isn’t on the Contact page, but you’ll have it soon enough, so you’ll always be able to get hold of me.  I can help with a lot of common things even if I’m not by a computer, and it’s rare that I’m far from one – even at the weekends.

Don’t worry about feeling silly if you’ve got a simple question – I’ve been providing technical support for 15 years – the only silly questions are the ones people don’t ask and wish that they had.  If you think you’ve done something stupid, I’m sure I’ll be able to raise you with something I’ve done in the past that’s even more stupid!

Email & telephone support

  • Most problems can be fixed quickly and without the need for any visits.
  • Telephone support includes remote desktop support which means I can log into your PC and see your screen so that I can see your problem and help fix it no matter where you are

On-site support 

Some problems can’t be fixed remotely, and sometimes people just prefer me to see everything at once and a physical visit is best.  Call first to check that your problem can’t be sorted quickly over the phone – increasingly things can be done remotely: I don’t have to make as many on-site support visits as I used to because remote desktop support saves most trips that used to be necessary.

  • We’ll agree a time and date for me to visit you.
  • I’ll be travelling from Ruislip (12 miles west of central London) but I’m not afraid of early starts


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